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Synthesis and application of mesoporous silica with functional wall structures
Margolese DI, Zhao DY, Belcher AM, Chmelka BF, Stucky GD,
US Patent . (applying), 1998


Cooperative multiphase assembly of meso-macro silica membranes
 Zhao DY, P. Yang PD, Chmelka BF, Stucky GD,
 US Patent . (applying), 1998


Generalized Block copolymer templating syntheses of mesoporous metal oxides with large ordering lengths and nanocrystallineframeworks
 Yang PD, Zhao DY, Margolese DI, Chmelka BF, Stucky GD,
 US Patent . (applying), 1998 . ( U.S. Serial No. 60/097, 012).


Hierarchically ordered porous oxides
 Yang PD, Tao D, Whiteside GM, Stucky GD, ZhaoDY, Chmelka BF,
 US Patent. US 6, 541, 539 B1 (Apr.1, 2003).


Syntheses of A Family of Highly Ordered and Hydrothermal Stable Mesoporous Silica by Using of Polyoxylalkylene Block Copolymers
 Zhao DY, Huo QS, Feng J, Melosh N, Chmelka BF, Stucky GD ,
 US Patent . (proved), 1997 . ( U.S. Serial No. 60/069, 143).


Synthesis of Mesophase Materials with Molecularly Ordered Frameworks
 Christiansen SC, Zhao DY, Janicke NT, Landry CC, Stucky GD, Chmelka BF,
 US Patent (applying) (UC Case No. 2001-370-1).


Block copolymer processing for mesostructured inorganic oxide materials
 Stucky GD, Chmelka BF, Zhao DY, Melosh N, Huo QS, Feng JL, Yang PD, Pine D, Margolese D, Jr. Lukens W, Fredrikson GH, Schmidt-Winkel P,
 US Patent US 6, 592, 764 B1 ( Jul. 15, 2003 )


Method of Forming Mesoscopically Structred Material
 Stucky GD, Chmelka B, Yang PD, Zhao DY, Pine DJ, Feng PY,
 US Patent. No. US 7, 014,799 B2 (Mar. 21, 2006)

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