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A Zeolite-Like Zinc Phosphonocarboxylate Framework and Its Transformation into Two- and Three-Dimensional Structures
Zhenxia Chen, Yaming Zhou, Linhong Weng, Chao Yuan, Dongyuan Zhao*
Chemistry - An Asian Journal, 2007, 2(12), 1549 - 1554.>> Fulltext Link


Electrochemical properties of an ordered mesoporous carbon prepared by direct tri-constituent co-assembly
Hui-Qiao Li, Rui-Li Liu, Dong-Yuan Zhao and Yong-Yao Xia*
Carbon, 2007, 45(13),2628-2635. >> Fulltext Link


Controllable and Repeatable Synthesis of Thermally Stable Anatase Nanocrystal-Silica Composites with Highly Ordered Hexagonal Mesostructures
Weiyang Dong*, Yaojun Sun, Chul Wee Lee, Weiming Hua, Xinchun Lu, Yifeng Shi, Shicheng Zhang, Jianmin Chen, and Dongyuan Zhao*
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2007, 129 (45), 13894 -13904. >> Fulltext Link


Low-temperature solution synthesis of carbon nanoparticles, onions and nanoropes by the assembly of aromatic molecules
Yan Yan, Haifeng Yang, Fuqiang Zhang, Bo Tu, Dongyuan Zhao*
Carbon, 2007, 45, 2209–2216. >> Fulltext Link


Nitrogen-containing carbon spheres with very large uniform mesopores: The superior electrode materials for EDLC in organic electrolyte
Wenrong Li, Dehong Chen, Zheng Li, Yifeng Shi, Ying Wan, Guan Wang, Zhiyu Jiang* and Dongyuan Zhao*
Carbon, 2007, 45(9),1757-1763. >> Fulltext Link


Concern Regarding the Synthesis of Single-Crystalline Nanostructures from the Polymerization of Furfuryl Alcohol
Dongyuan Zhao*, Yan Yan, Bo Tu, and Haifeng Yang
Small, 2007,3 (2), 198-200. >> Fulltext Link


Synthesis and Characterization of Chromium-Doped Mesoporous Tungsten Oxide for Gas-Sensing Applications
Emma Rossinyol, Anna Prim, Eva Pellicer,* Jordi Arbiol, Francisco Hernández-Ramírez, Francesca Peiró, Albert Cornet, Joan Ramon Morante, Leonid A. Solovyov, Bozhi Tian, Tu Bo,and Dongyuan Zhao
Adv. Funct. Mater.2007, 17, 1801–1806 >> Fulltext Link


Synthesis and phase behaviors of bicontinuous cubic mesoporous silica from triblock copolymer mixed anionic surfactant
Zheng Li, Dehong Chen, Bo Tu, Dongyuan Zhao*
Microporous. Mesoporous. Mater. , 2007, 105, 34–40. >> Fulltext Link


Uniform Nanostructured Arrays of Sodium Rare-Earth Fluorides for Highly Efficient Multicolor Upconversion Luminescence
Fan Zhang, Ying Wan, Ting Yu, Fuqiang Zhang, Yifeng Shi, Songhai Xie, Yigang Li, Lei Xu, Bo Tu, Dongyuan Zhao*
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2007, 46, 7976–7979. >> Fulltext Link


Highly Ordered Mesoporous Carbonaceous Frameworks from a Template of a Mixed Amphiphilic Triblock-Copolymer System of PEO–PPO–PEO and Reverse PPO–PEO–PPO
Yan Huang, Huaqiang Cai, Ting Yu, Xiuli Sun, Bo Tu, and Dongyuan Zhao*
Chemistry - An Asian Journal, 2007, 2, 1282-1289. >> Fulltext Link


Mesoporous Silica: An Efficient Nanoreactor for Liquid-Liquid Biphase Reactions
Renyuan Zhang, Wei Ding, Bo Tu, and Dongyuan Zhao*
Chem. Mater., 2007, 19, 4379-4381. >> Fulltext Link   >> Free E-prints


Ordered Mesoporous Nanocrystalline Titanium-Carbide/Carbon Composites from In Situ Carbothermal Reduction
Ting Yu, Yonghui Deng, Le Wang, Ruili Liu, Lijuan Zhang, Bo Tu, Dongyuan Zhao*
Adv. Mater., 2007, 19, 2301-2306.>> Fulltext Link


Design and Generation of Extended Zeolitic Metal-Organic Frameworks (ZMOFs): Synthesis and Crystal Structures of Zinc(II) Imidazolate Polymers with Zeolitic Topologies
Yun-Qi Tian*, Yu-Ming Zhao, Zhen-Xia Chen, Guang-Ning Zhang, Lin-Hong Weng, Dong-Yuan Zhao
Chemistry - A European Journal, 2007, 13(15), 4146 - 4154. >> Fulltext Link


Synthesis of Highly Ordered Mesoporous Crystalline WS 2 and MoS 2 via a High-Temperature Reductive Sulfuration Route
Yifeng Shi, Ying Wan, Ruili Liu, Bo Tu, and Dongyuan Zhao*
J. Am. Chem. Soc.; 2007, 129 (30), 9522 - 9531. >> Fulltext Link   >> Free E-prints


Hard-Sphere Packing and Icosahedral Assembly in the Formation of Mesoporous Materials
Jiawei Tang, Xufeng Zhou, Dongyuan Zhao, Gao Qing Lu, Jin Zou, and Chengzhong Yu*
J. Am. Chem. Soc.; 2007, 129 (29), 9044 - 9048. >> Fulltext Link


On the Controllable Soft-Templating Approach to Mesoporous Silicates
Ying Wan, Dongyuan Zhao*
Chem. Rev.;
2007, 107(7), 2821-2860. >> Fulltext Link


Nitrogen enriched mesoporous carbon spheres obtained by a facile method and its application for electrochemical capacitor
Wenrong Li, Dehong Chen, Zheng Li, Yifeng Shi, Ying Wan, Junjie Huang, Jianjun Yang, Dongyuan Zhao and Zhiyu Jiang*
Electrochemistry Communications, 2007, 9(4), 569-573. >> Fulltext Link


Organic groups functionalised mesoporous silicates
Ying Wan*, Dieqing Zhang, Na Hao, Dongyuan Zhao
International Journal of Nanotechnology, 2007, 4 (1-2), 66-99.


Facile Synthesis of Hierarchically Porous Carbons from Dual Colloidal Crystal/Block Copolymer Template Approach
Yonghui Deng, Chong Liu, Ting Yu, Feng Liu, Fuqiang Zhang, Ying Wan, Lijuan Zhang, Changchun Wang, Bo Tu, Paul A. Webley, Huanting Wang, and Dongyuan Zhao*
Chem. Mater., 2007, 19(13), 3271-3277. >> Fulltext Link      >> Free E-prints


Mesoporous Carbon Single-Crystals from Organic-Organic Self-Assembly
Fuqiang Zhang, Dong Gu, Ting Yu, Fan Zhang, Songhai Xie, Lijuan Zhang, Yonghui Deng, Ying Wan, Bo Tu, and Dongyuan Zhao*
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2007, 129(25), 7746-7747. >> Fulltext Link      >> Free E-prints


One-step synthesis of ordered mesoporous carbonaceous spheres by an aerosol-assisted self-assembly
Yan Yan, Fuqiang Zhang, Yan Meng, Bo Tu and Dongyuan Zhao*
                          Chem. Commun.
, 2007, 2867 - 2869. >> Fulltext Link


Mesostructured Silica SBA-16 with Tailored Intrawall Porosity Part 1: Synthesis and Characterization
Oliver C. Gobin, Ying Wan, Dongyuan Zhao , Freddy Kleitz, and Serge Kaliaguine*
J. Phys. Chem. C.; (Article); 2007 ; 111 (7); 3053-3058. >> Fulltext Link


Hard-templating synthesis of a novel rod-like nanoporous calcium phosphate bioceramics and their capacity as antibiotic carriers
Jie Fan, Jie Lei, Chengzhong Yu, Bo Tu and Dongyuan Zhao*
Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2007, 103, 489-493>> Fulltext Link


Synthesis of Ordered Cubic Periodic Mesoporous Organosilicas with Ultra-Large Pores
Xufeng Zhou, Shizhang Qiao*, Na Hao, Xinglong Wang, Chengzhong Yu, Lianzhou Wang, Dongyuan Zhao*, and Gao Qing Lu
Chem. Mater., 2007; 19 (7) pp 1870 - 1876. >> Fulltext Link


Ordered Mesoporous SiOC and SiCN Ceramics from Atmosphere-Assisted in Situ Transformation
Yifeng Shi, Ying Wan, Yunpu Zhai, Ruili Liu, Yan Meng, Bo Tu, and Dongyuan Zhao*
Chem. Mater., 2007; 19 (7) pp 1761 - 1771.>> Fulltext Link


Synthesis and characterization of Ti-SBA-16 ordered mesoporous silica composite
Shaodian Shen*, Yan Deng, Guibo Zhu, Dongsen Mao, Yuhong Wang, Guishen Wu, Jun Li, XiaoZhen Liu, Guanzhong Lu, Dongyuan Zhao
J. Mater. Sci., 2007; 42 7057-7061.>> Fulltext Link


Monodispersed fullerene derivatives introduced into the channels of mesoporous silica via chemical bond interactions
Huixia Wu, Yanghui Lin*, Jiawei Tang, Dong Gao, Ruifang Cai, Dongyuan Zhao*
Bulletin of The Chemical Society of Japan, 2007; 593 80 (5): 994-998.


Mesoporous tungsten titanate as matrix for matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry analysis of biomolecules
Zhe Shan, Lu Han, Minjia Yuan, Chunhui Deng, Dongyuan Zhao, Bo Tu* and Pengyuan Yang*
Analytica Chimica Acta, 2007; 593 (7) 13-19.>> Fulltext Link


Ordered Mesoporous Silicas and Carbons with Large Accessible Pores Templated from Amphiphilic Diblock Copolymer Poly(ethylene oxide)- b -polystyrene
Yonghui Deng, Ting Yu, Ying Wan, Shifeng Shi, Yan Meng, Dong Gu, Lijuan Zhang, Yan Huang, Chong Liu, Xiaojing Wu, and Dongyuan Zhao*
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2007, 129 (6), 1690 - 1697.>> Fulltext Link


Synthesis and Characterization of Nickel Phosphonopropionate Hybrid Materials
Zhenxia Chen, Linhong Weng, Dongyuan Zhao*
Inorganic Chemistry Communications, 2007, 10, 447-450. >> Fulltext Link


Formation of Mesoporous Carbon With a Face-Centered-Cubic Fd3m Structure and Bimodal Architectural Pores From the Reverse Amphiphilic Triblock Copolymer PPO-PEO-PPO
Yan Huang, Huaqiang Cai , Ting Yu, Fuqiang Zhang, Fan Zhang, Yan Meng, Dong Gu, Ying Wan, Xiuli Sun, Bo Tu, Dongyuan Zhao*
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2007, 46, 1089 - 1093. >> Fulltext Link


Synthesis, structure, and adsorption properties of a three-dimensional porous yttrium–organic coordination network
Jinxi Chen, Zhenxia Chen, Ting Yu, Linhong Weng, Bo Tu and Dongyuan Zhao*
Microporous Mesoporous Mater. 2007, 98, 16-20. >> Fulltext Link


Ordered bimodal mesoporous silica with tunable pore structure and morphology
Fuqiang Zhang, Yan Yan, Yan Meng, Yulin Xia, Bo Tu, Dongyuan Zhao *
Microporous Mesoporous Mater. 2007, 98, 6-15. >> Fulltext Link


Designed synthesis of mesoporous solids via nonionic-surfactant-templating approach
Ying Wan, Yifeng Shi, Dongyuan Zhao*
Chem. Commun., 2007, 897 - 926. >> Fulltext Link


Synthesis and electrochemical properties of semicrystalline gyroidal mesoporous MnO2
Qin Zhou, Xiang Li, Yanguang Li, Bozhi Tian, Dongyuan Zhao, Zhiyu Jiang
Chinese Journal of Chemistry, 2006, 24, 835-839. >> Fulltext Link


Continuous fixed-bed gas-phase hydroformylation over PPh3-modified mesostructured cellular foam-supported Rh catalyst
Li Yan, Yunjie Ding, Hejun Zhu, Hongmei Yin, Guiping Jiao, Dongyuan Zhao, Liwu Lin
Chinese Journal of Catalysis, 2006, 27, 1-3. >> Fulltext Link


Manipulated photocurrent generation from pigment-exchanged photosynthetic proteins adsorbed to nanostructured WO 3 –TiO 2 electrodes
Yidong Lu, Jingjing Xu, Yuan Liu, Baohong Liu, Chunhe Xu, Dongyuan Zhao and Jilie Kong
Chem. Commun. , 2006, 785 - 787. >> Fulltext Link


Photooxidation of Olefins under Oxygen in Platinum(II) Complex-Loaded Mesoporous Molecular Sieves
Ke Feng, Ren-Yuan Zhang, Li-Zhu Wu, Bo Tu, Ming-Li Peng, Li-Ping Zhang, Dongyuan Zhao, and, and Chen-Ho Tung
J. Am. Chem. Soc.; 2006, 128, 14685 - 14690.>> Fulltext Link


Polynuclear Core-Based Nickel 1,4-Cyclohexanedicarboxylate Coordination Polymers as Temperature-Dependent Hydrothermal Reaction Products
Jinxi Chen, Masaaki Ohba, Dongyuan Zhao, Wakako Kaneko, and Susumu Kitagawa
Cryst. Growth Des., 2006, 6, 664-668. >> Fulltext Link


Construction of 3D Layer-Pillared Homoligand Coordination Polymers from a 2D Layered Precursor
Jinyu Sun, Yaming Zhou, Qianrong Fang, Zhenxia Chen, Linhong Weng, Guangshan Zhu, Shilun Qiu, and Dongyuan Zhao
Inorg. Chem.,
 2006, 45, 8677-8684. >> Fulltext Link


Hexylene- and Octylene-Bridged Polysilsesquioxane Hybrid Crystals Self-Assembled by Dimeric Building Blocks with Ring Structures
Xufeng Zhou, Sui Yang, Chengzhong Yu, Zhenhua Li, Xiaoxia Yan, Yong Cao, Dongyuan Zhao
Chemistry - A European Journal, 2006, 12, 8484-8490.>> Fulltext Link


Pore Structures of Ordered Large Cage-Type Mesoporous Silica FDU-12s
Ting Yu, Hong Zhang, Xuewu Yan, Zhenxia Chen, Xiaodong Zou, Peter Oleynikov, and Dongyuan Zhao
J. Phys. Chem. B 2006, 110, 21467-21472. >> Fulltext Link


An Aqueous Cooperative Assembly Route To Synthesize Ordered Mesoporous Carbons with Controlled Structures and Morphology
Fuqiang Zhang, Yan Meng, Dong Gu, Yan Yan, Zhenxia Chen, Bo Tu, and Dongyuan Zhao *
Chem. Mater. 2006, 18, 5279 - 5288. >> Fulltext Link


Highly efficient enrichment and subsequent digestion of proteins in the mesoporous molecular sieve silicate SBA-15 for matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry with time-of-flight/time-of-flight analyzer peptide mapping
Chao Zuo, Wenjia Yu, Xufeng Zhou, Dongyuan Zhao, Pengyuan Yang
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 2006, 3139-3144. >> Fulltext Link


Triconstituent Co-assembly to Ordered Mesostructured Polymer-Silica and Carbon-Silica Nanocomposites and Large-Pore Mesoporous Carbons with High Surface Areas
Ruili Liu, Yifeng Shi, Ying Wan, Yan Meng, Fuqiang Zhang, Dong Gu, Zhenxia Chen, Bo Tu, and Dongyuan Zhao
J. Am. Chem. Soc.,2006, 128, 11652 -11662.>> Fulltext Link


A Family of Highly Ordered Mesoporous Polymer Resin and Carbon Structures from Organic-Organic Self-Assembly
Yan Meng, Dong Gu, Fuqiang Zhang, Yifeng Shi, Liang Cheng, Dan Feng, Zhangxiong Wu, Zhenxia Chen, Ying Wan, Andreas Stein, and Dongyuan Zhao
Chem. Mater. 2006, 18, 4447-4464. >> Fulltext Link


On the Origin of Helical Mesostructures
Sui Yang, Lingzhi Zhao, Chengzhong Yu, Xufeng Zhou, Jiawei Tang, Pei Yuan, Daoyong Chen, and Dongyuan Zhao
J. Am. Chem. Soc.2006, 128, 10460 - 10466. >> Fulltext Link


Formation Mechanism of Porous Single-Crystal Cr2O3 and Co3O4 Templated by Mesoporous Silica
Calum Dickinson, Wuzong Zhou, Robert P. Hodgkins, Yifeng Shi, Dongyuan Zhao, and Heyong He
Chem. Mater.; 2006; 18 (13) pp 3088 - 3095;>> Fulltext Link


Solvothermal synthesis and removal capacity for hydrogen chloride gas of Zn(OH)(NO3)with a rare (10,3)-d net
Jinyu Sun, Yaming Zhou, Zhenxia Chen, Guangshan Zhu, Qianrong Fang, Rongjing Yang, Shilun Qiu and Dongyuan Zhao
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 179 (4): 1230-1236. >> Fulltext Link


New organically templated gallium oxalate-phosphate structures based on Ga-4(PO4)(4)(C2O4) building unit
Zhenxia Chen, Songliang Tan, Linhong Weng, Yaming Zhou, Xiang Gao and Dongyuan Zhao
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 2006,179, 1931-1937. >> Fulltext Link


Influence of the dosage of mesoporous bioactive glass in simulated body fluid on the in vitro bioactivity evaluation
Xiaohui Huang, Xiaoxia Yan, Lu Han, Jing Yi, Jie Lei, Dongyuan Zhao, Chengzhong Yu
Acta Chimica Sinica, 2006, 64, 851-857.


Easy synthesis and supercapacities of highly ordered mesoporous polyacenes/carbons
Liang Zhou, Huiqiao Li, Chengzhong Yu, Xufeng Zhou, Jiawei Tang, Yan Meng, Yongyao Xia, Dongyuan Zhao
Carbon, 2006, 44, 1601-1604. >> Fulltext Link


The in-vitro bioactivity of mesoporous bioactive glasses
Xiaoxia Yan, Xiaohui Huang, Chengzhong Yu, Hexiang Deng, Yi Wang, Zhendong Zhang, Shizhang Qiao, Gaoqing Lu and Dongyuan Zhao
Biomaterials,2006, 27, 3396. >> Fulltext Link


Nanopore-Based Proteolytic Reactor for Sensitive and Comprehensive Proteomic Analyses
Wenqing Shui, Jie Fan, Pengyuan Yang, Chunli Liu, Jianjun Zhai, Jie Lei, Yan Yan, Dongyuan Zhao and Xian Chen
Anal. Chem. 2006, 78, 4811-4819. >> Fulltext Link


'Host-Guest' Chemistry in the Synthesis of Ordered Nonsiliceous Mesoporous Materials
Ying Wan, Haifeng Yang, and Dongyuan Zhao
Accounts of Chemical Research, 2006, 39, 423.>> Fulltext Link


Anionic surfactant induced mesophase transformation to synthesize highly ordered large-pore mesoporous silica structures
Dehong Chen, Zheng Li, Ying Wan, Xingjun Tu, Yifeng Shi, Zhenxia Chen, Wei Shen, Chengzhong Yu, Bo Tu and Dongyuan Zhao,
J. Mater. Chem., 2006, 16,1511. >> Fulltext Link
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Surfactant-Templated Synthesis of 1D Single-Crystalline Polymer Nanostructures
Yan Yan, Haifeng Yang, Fuqiang Zhang, Bo Tu, and Dongyuan Zhao*
Small, 2006, 2, 517-521. >>Fulltext Link


Synthesis of ordered small pore mesoporous silicates with tailorable pore structures and sizes by polyoxyethylene alkyl amine surfactant
Zhendong Zhang, Xiaoxia Yan, Bozhi Tian, Chengzhong Yu, Bo Tu, Guangshan Zhu, Shilun Qiu, Dongyuan Zhao *
Microporous Mesoporous Mater.,2006, 90, 23-31. >> Fulltext Link


Highly Ordered Mesoporous Silicon Carbide Ceramics with Large Surface Areas and High Stability
Yifeng Shi, Yan Meng, Dehong Chen, Shujiang Cheng, Peng Chen, Haifeng Yang, Ying Wan, Dongyuan Zhao*
Adv. Funct. Mater.
2006, 16,561-567. >>Fulltext Link

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